Daniels Fund Scholars

Graduating students from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming high schools are encouraged to apply to the Daniels Fund in the fall of their senior year.  Applications typically close mid-November with the Daniels Fund overseeing the selection process and announcing the new cohort in the spring. See http://www.danielsfund.org/Scholarships/Index.asp for more information. Selection by the Daniels Fund staff and volunteers is based on a students’ potential, and Scholars are chosen for their willingness to work hard, their strength of character, their passion to succeed, and their commitment to giving back to their communities.


The Daniels Fund was founded through the generous legacy of Bill Daniels whose vision was: “to make the world a better place, one individual at a time”. Daniels Fund scholarships are dispersed after other federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid and scholarships have been applied. Students must submit family financial information and specific documents to their Daniels Fund Scholar Relations Officer for continued scholarship eligibility.


The nomination deadline for graduating high school students is typically in November.  Daniels Scholarships are awarded in the spring to graduating seniors and are distributed to CSU Office of Financial Aid in the fall, to be dispersed to the Scholars’ account for the academic year.


Through a partnership with the Daniels Fund and the Colorado Challenge, CSU and the Collaborative for Student Achievement work together to provide on-campus support and information for CSU Daniels Scholars. Individual support is offered and various events are planned for Scholars to encourage a sense of community and to offer network opportunities with faculty and staff.

For additional information about the Daniels Fund and scholarship selection visit: http://www.danielsfund.org/home.asp

What They Say : Daniels Scholars

I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for Daniels Scholars and for myself. Thank you for always being a support system for all of us CSU Daniels Scholars and putting events together for everyone to meet. Thank you for the past four years and being that extra support for me in Fort Collins. I really appreciate it! Thanks for everything! (L.N)