How to use OSP’s new site

Welcome to your new site!

This area is to help you figure out how to edit different areas of the page.

OSP is a very simple layout and each page can be edited by going to page>all pages> click the page you are looking for and an edit area will appear. Be sure to look around as there will be more than one area on each page, make sure you edit the right one 😀



To update menus you go to Appearance>Menu in this screen you have many options. To edit a current menu use the drop-down menu to select the correct menu. Or use the button next to that drop-down to create a whole new menu. Use the boxes on the left to drag and drop new menu items, use the carrot icon on the menu item to drop down further options, including removing it from the menu. If you wish to make a new menu to replace a currently placed menu you can do so by checking which menu you would like to replace under the menu itself. Note:FooterNav is currently not in use.

OSP’s menus are laid out as such:

Main menu is the main menu

Footer Links if the first set of links in the footer followed by Resources and More

The last menu CSUNav is the links in the VERY VERY footer, these are standards for CSU websites and should only be adjusted if advised to do so.



Your address is listed in a few places so if you need to update it be sure to do so both here in the footer as well as on the contact us page and home page. To get to your footer address, you go appearance>widgets. You will see on the right there is a widget for a text area, use the carrot to drop that down and you will see where to edit and update your contact information.


If you need more assistance or have requests for your site you can contact the CASAweb team at